Period panties and pads- my review

As I consider myself a cheerleader of the planet, try to live a green and cruelty free lifestyle, I of course had to give this ‘new trend’ (but hopefully lasting) a go. This is my personal review on a brand called Cheeky Wipes. Read on to hear what I thought-

Why Cheeky Wipes? So my main reason was first the price. After doing some research these seemed like a pretty good price compared to a lot of other companies. I was also very endeared and impressed by the kits that you can get. A great way to introduce yourself or someone to them. Within a kit you can get a range of things to try such as pads or different size, pants and a nice wet bag to use in the wash or out and about. Discreet and cute- I love it. There’s also lots of fun designs to choose from, which makes period time a little more enjoyable.

My other reason, and I got a little but too excited when I saw them, is that THEY DO THONGS!!!! I am not one for a VPL and thongs have always been my preference of undergarment so I was quite pleased to see these, especially as I haven’t seen many anywhere else.

What did I think?

The Pads: these are made from bamboo and so they are nice and soft to wear. The small size was ok to actually wear with a thong which is great, although it did sometimes slip. Unlike regular sanitary towels that stick these have a clip to secure them to your knickers, so they might slip if they are abit too big, but when I wore one with a pair of knickers it stayed put.

Funky designs

Personally, I could wear one for 8 hours (which is ok to do so) but that may not be the case if your flow is heavier. You would definitely need to get a few more of these to cover the week.

The Pants/Thong: Ok, first things first- if you hate the feeling of pads or tampons/moon cups then hello, these are great! It’s pretty nice to feel free down there whilst on your period, so I definitely love these. However, I am not sure if its for extra security or just the sizing they use but they come up tight!! I had to exchange my pants for a bigger size from 12-14 to 14-16 and I still would go the next size up, especially if you want comfort! The same goes for the thongs-go bigger than your normal size.

They don’t smell which is fab, and something many girls worry about, and I wore mine all day and changed before bed. They seem thick enough to not cause any leaks so although it’s a little strange from what I’m used to, the ease of them is a winner for me.

Washing them: This for me is the less attractive part, but more because of convenience. So, what you do is soak them after use and wash them, either in the wet bag you get, or just by themselves with your regular wash. So yep you can mix them with other clothes and it won’t turn your clothes pink or whatever you’re visualising. Which is nice to know! For me, that’s all fine, but what I’m not so keen on is having them in soak for a couple of days till I do a wash (cos you know, I’m not one to do washing everyday!) and them lying around, especially if you live with people, and maybe not so convenient if you’re on your travels. Although there are ways around it, and will try to wash them whilst I have my morning shower.

But, all in all I definitely rate these and 100% think anyone should give them a go, especially if you’re looking to create a greener life and not produce as much waste. After all, if we all just do our bit it can make a big impact!

If you’d like to give them a go and get 15% off then use this link here with my referral code.

They also do baby wipes and nappies too!

Let me know your thoughts,

Rexie x

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