6 Benefits of Strawberries for your hair and skin

Reduces UV Damage to the skin.

Strawberries are rich in antioxidants, including ellagic acid and anthocyanin. Ellagic acid has proven to reduce skin damage from the sun’s UV rays by inhibiting certain enzymes that contribute to the collagen breakdown, and by diminishing inflammatory responses. As loss of collagen is associated with wrinkles, eating these will help diminish signs.

Naturally whitens teeth.

Yep, I’m quite shocked with this one too! They contain malic acid which is a natural teeth whitener- try rubbing a sliced strawberry on your teeth, leave for a few minutes, rinse and you” have super shiny teeth!

Improves complexion, cleanses and tones.

Strawberries contain alpha hydroxy acids, which help to eliminate dead skin cells and cleanse the skin. If your complexion is rough and dull, applying strawberries to your skin can have noticeable results. Strawberries also contain salicylic acid, a beta hydroxy acid which can help reduce hyperpigmentation and dark spots. Salicylic acid is used in many skincare products to remove dead skin cells and tighten the pores. The vitamin c in them helps to brighten and works as a toner to sooth irritated skin.

Treats puffy eyes.

Just like cucumber putting a slice of strawberry on your eyelids will reduce inflammation on the area using its astringent properties.

Keeps nails and hair healthy.

Strawberries contain biotin, which is an important nutrient for strong hair and nails. As they also contain folic acid both of these together helps to keep nails and hair both healthy, shiny and long.

Softens and smooths feet.

Creating a plant based foot treatment of oats, strawberries and glycerin will keep your feet smooth. The oats will scrub away any dead skin cells and the strawberry will treat any cracks and smooth the feet. Summer feet here we come!

Who’s up for strawberry picking now?

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