roadtrip across the usa!

Right, bare with me on this one. This is all coming from what I can remember and a few pictures to jog my memory. This was in 2012, way way before the world relied on blogs to get travel info, so I didn’t write much details down. But, it was freaking AWESOME so I have to talk about it. Let’s go!

So I had a month on my visa to tour the country after my Camp America time (see my other posts if you haven’t already). I had already arranged the road trip with some girls to do after camp. I had never met any of these girls before but they were also doing camps too and we all seemed to vibe really well whilst we were planning everything, which was all done on a face book group. Which I think is kind of a little brave, don’t you think?!

The plan is to travel across from LA to New York in three weeks. I arrive in LA a week before the other 5 girls so a friend from home actually came to visit too, so that was pretty cool. We went around Hollywood, Chinatown, Venice Beach and I tell you what, unfortunately I didn’t feel very safe at all travelling around, on the subway especially. It had a seedy feel to it so did put a dampener on things a little, but it definitely was great to be there.

The time comes to meet the 5 girls I’m going to be spending the next 3 weeks with, mainly in a car, who I have never met. And it was just so lovely, we all just got on from the get-go. We had already arranged a rental car to pick up from LA before we left the UK, I can remember it being such a good price for the fact that we were going to drop it off back in New York. So now we meet Nev, our snazzy massive car for the next few weeks (it obviously had to have a name!), and it did a great job of fitting 6 girls with all their baggage in considering, but it did mean that the smallest of the 6 had to sit in the back where it was tighter most of the time – and yes that was me. Always is haha!

The plan is to travel from LA up to San Diego for a quick visit to Disneyland, then across the country mainly keeping south of the country and end in New York. The aim was to go via Florida too but just as my luck has it with natural disasters, there was a hurricane there at that time gradually making its way up the country, so we had to keep changing our course.

Here’s a list of our stops:

  1. CALIFORNIA: Los Angeles, San Diego for Disneyland, Universal Studios
  2. NEVADA: Las Vegas, Hoover Dam
  3. ARIZONA: Grand Canyon, Route 66
  4. TEXAS: Dallas
  5. TENNESSEE: Memphis
  6. VIRGINIA: Richmond

We stayed at Motels mainly along the way, and I remember giggling at us 6 young British girls rocking up at these motels in between all the big truck drivers!

One thing for sure (and this might sound like a silly thing to say) but America is BIG!! The roads go on for dayssss. But there’s plenty of places to stop and eat your life’s worth in food, usually a burger. I got a hankering for meatball subs (this was when I ate meat), I couldn’t stop eating them, not sure what that was about haha! One thing though, there’s not always many places to fill up your tank so if you do this trip make sure you plan ahead! With that, you also pay first before filling up, the opposite way to what we do in the UK, which always baffled me.

There was an amusing (not so amusing at the time) moment whilst on the road to Memphis which I can remember clearly. So, as I said the country is big, and its not often that cars from one states end up in another state, only really trucks, so as we picked up our car in Nevada it had that state on the number plate. We’re on the highway have a lovely time, and we hadn’t seen a speed limit sign in very long time so we just went the same speed as everyone else, which I think is the right thing to do, given everyone else isn’t clearly going 100mph. However, everyone else was driving over the speed limit, and so that meant we were too, and as our car stood out amongst all the other number plates- yup you guessed it, we got stopped by the police. Two very big American police men with a gun pointing at us (!?!?!? why so dramatic I don’t know). And let me tell you they didn’t take lightly to me laughing at how silly this was, and proceeded to carry on with their big shouty persona, telling us to ‘PUT YOUR HANDS ON THE SEAT IN FRONT OF YOU! NOW!!’ It was pretty scary not going to lie, but after they understood we were just 6 young girls exploring America they sent us on our way…Phew!

Anyways, this has been a bit like a story really, a little bit of nostalgia which I hope you’ve enjoyed reading. I’m going to do a post of my best bits next. See ya then,

Rexie x

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