Ok so, where we left off was I had just been transferred to another camp after my original one had closed down because of a wildfire. Luckily with all the support from Camp America, they put me on a plane from Colorado to Ohio to carry on my summer camp time.

And my goodness was this camp different! It was quite the shock to be honest. So as I said in part 2 the camp in Colorado was girl scouts camp so there was quite a few respectable rules to follow, it was quite small and very much in the wilderness. Well, this one was a big production!!! So many counsellors!! And guys too. Sponsored by some big names it was a pretty big camp and LOADS to do. There was a dedicated area for horse riding too, which for 2 weeks I got to be in and look after horses and kids at the same time, totally winging it. Was beautiful though.

Camp fire fun!

It was a little more relaxed too so we were allowed to share our rooms and bathrooms with the kids (which meant less me time!) and thin strapped tops and short shorts were allowed- so there’s me constantly trying to find some decent clothes on our one day trips to Walmart and Target!

Days at the Big American Camp..

Imagine waking up every morning to Disney songs. Yep, we did, I seriously loved it. Was a great way to start the day. Once we were up, dressed and washed we would head out to honour the flag of America and then head into the food hall for breakfast. Ah yes, this food hall was crazy! There was always two counsellors together for one group of children and we would all share the table. I vividly remember every week when we had pizza night the kids would go nuts. I would go pick up the pizza from the kitchen and even before the plate had reached the table they are grabbing a few slices each” Safe to say the counsellors hardly ever got to enjoy pizza night haha!

Here the ages ranged from 4-16years and each week would get a different age range which I liked. There would be activities to do like arts and crafts, swimming, sports, camp fire, games and more games, water activities, loads of fancy dress fun, horse riding-so much! They often did themed weeks, one of the favourites being Harry Potter. Some children would come just for that and would walk around the camp with wizard capes and wands, which was always funny to see, and then there was always an awesome super energetic game of Quidditch which everyone got to join in on. As well as that I definitely remember our weekly sports day which would always include a ginormous game of Capture the Flag. This camp was VERY sporty, so not my most enjoyable day (I wouldn’t ever call me sporty), and always the day I would get burnt as we were outside all day. Anyways, moving on..

The memories are so good..

Being 22 I was legally allowed to drink, and something I found a little odd was that a lot of the counsellors were still under 21, mainly more like 17/18years old, which meant there was only a small group of us who would have a cheeky sneak out every now and then and go to a casino, but sssh that’s a bit of a secret. And of course there was a few other sneaky midnight snack hunts and a secret trip to one of the counsellors’ farm to visit her pet llama’s..

There wasn’t as much to do in Ohio as there was in Colorado (probably why we always sneaked out during the night to be honest) but usually days off would be a trip again to a chipotle restaurant or an ice cream parlour. I ate a lot of burritos on this trip!

Naughty ice cream

I saw one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen here too. At night when it got really dark all the fireflies would come out and glisten up the fields. There would so many it was like glitter sparkling in the distance. It probably sounds quite odd but when you haven’t seen something like this before it really is quite magical. I didn’t have a camera good enough to capture this unfortunately but its something I always remember being so stunning.

Ohh the memories are so good I could write about them for hours. I met some totally awesome people who I still speak to today, learnt so much and really got out of my comfort zone. I think this experience really turned me into my own.

And I feel very lucky I got to experience two very different styles of camps in one year.

I couldn’t recommend this more to anyone, if you have EVER thought about it, then DO IT! You will not regret it. It’s a great way to travel, and to be part of something really special that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Check out more on the official website

Next, I’m off to Hollywood

Rexie x♡x

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