What is Phenoxyethanol?

Ever wondered what’s actually in your hair products? Is it really organic/natural??⠀
So, Ingredients are important to me and they should be to you. I’m going to be doing an easy guide to ingredients and hopefully it will help you choose your products better! Remember what goes on your skin and hair can get into your bloodstream within seconds! And it can be so confusing when things have long sciency words and suggest its all plant based. ⠀

I’m gona start with this one as I’ve come across it literally this weekend. Unfortunately it caused a rash and a burn on my skin!! not cool right?! ⠀
I have been using a product containing this ingredient for some time on my hair, the product states it is plant based, and yes most of the ingredients are but this, nope! And as my psoriasis on my scalp is very sensitive atm I used a little extra more than usual as the products contains tea tree in which I thought would help sooth it, however it did not!

What is it? It’s used as a preservative to limit bacterial growth and makes it last longer. ⠀

Exposure to phenoxyethanol has been linked to reactions such as eczema and severe allergic reactions. It is not recommended to be used on infants for obvious reasons. ⠀

Safe to say I won’t be using this product again!⠀

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