Lockdown Hair- do I reach for the box dye?

Wondering what to do with your hair during quarantine?
I’ve had a few people contact me asking whether to wait till the hairdresser opens or to buy a boxdye and do it themselves. Most of you already know the answer already but the temptation is there, am I right?!
So what should you do whilst you wait. Well, I’m sure you have always wished you had time to do that conditioning treatment on your hair, but you always said let is pass because you had places to be. Now is the time!! Get your hair in a gorgeous condition and give it a rest from all the chemicals. It sure will thank you for it. 🌸
Another option: You ever wanted to see what pink hair might look like? Or some other crazy colour? Now you can do it without the embarrassment of going into work. There are plenty of SEMI PERMANENT colour conditioners out there. I emphasise semi permanent because these colour only last a few washes, and they are conditioners so will also moisturize your hair too. These are the safe options, go for these, pinks and oranges being the favourites. There are also shampoo/conditioners on the market that give a little topup for each hair colour, for example a brunette shampoo has a little bit of brown colour in to make it pop even more! These products are great!
Please always check with a hairdresser before doing something crazy, they know your hair sometimes better than you, and it’s their job too.
Just remember everyone is in the same situation and the root stretch look is still in fashion, so we gona be ok!

Brands to reach for:

So if you if you’re looking to get your hands on something here’s a few I’d recommend, always vegan and cruelty free of course!

– Bleach London. They have shampoos and conditioners in many colours.

-Shrine. They have loads of semi permanent colours which only last a few washes to funk up your life!

-Monat. Like I said, now is the perfect time to sit around the house and get your hair nourished. Get in touch so I can recommend which one is best for your locks.

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